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Use Tab Titles in Google Ad Manager

By default, Ad Manager does not show useful tab names. This extension helps get your tab bar under control by displaying meaningful titles.

Sadly, Google Ad Manager does not set meaningful tab names on its own. When working with multiple campaigns, you’ll quickly find your tab bar cluttered with “Google Ad Manager – Orders” ad nauseam.

To solve this, I wrote a simple extension that sets meaningful tab titles: Tab Titles for Ad Manager. Read on to learn how to install it.


Extension (Firefox 🦊)

If you use Firefox, it’s easiest to install from Firefox Add-Ons. Simply click on the button below to get to the extension page.

Userscript (all browsers)

You can also install this extension as a userscript. This is compatible with all browsers. First, you’ll have to install a userscript manager: a small extension that allows you to run userscripts and keeps them up to date for you.

Here’s the step-by-step guide:

  1. Install a userscript manager

    I recommend Violentmonkey, because it’s open-source. Otherwise, use Tampermonkey.

  2. Click the button above to add the script

    Your userscript manager will ask you whether you want to install it.

  3. Hit “Install”

    Tampermonkey installation prompt

  4. Done!

    Reload any Ad Manager tabs you have open and you should start seeing meaningful tab titles in no time.


Not only is your tab bar now more organised than ever, you also get to enjoy a side effect of meaningful tab titles: Your browser history makes sense now, too! That means you’ll get smart suggestions from your browser when typing in the address bar.

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